Why Choose Us?


When families come into our office to discuss planning, they often anticipate an asset and distribution-focused conversation that will lead to the development of legal documents. This interpretation of estate planning is quite common, and it actually narrows a family’s choices before the conversations even begin.

We believe legal documents should be the outcome of a great planning process – not the onset.
Effective planning is as much or more about preserving family relationships as it is about preserving family assets. In order to preserve relationships, we need to explore your aspirations for your future.

Many planning models address the proverbial end as if it’s a light switch. Care to Know addresses the full spectrum of planning – everything that may happen between now and then. We know that families often feel overwhelmed and are relieved to find a path to working through it all.

Some of these conversations surround a person’s subtle or obvious changes in capacity. These changes affect critical aspects of daily life – things like health, safety and finances. Our process helps key family members solidly contemplate and effectively map out what’s important in these areas.

Then, in our model, estate settlement isn’t about a rote distribution of assets. It’s about caring for and supporting the relationships embedded in the plan.

All told, we give a voice to the family member’s future for those times in life when they may have a decreased capacity to articulate their wishes and values – and for when their aspirations must live from the printed page. Without this thorough documentation, key family members are left with unanswered questions. Gaps are often filled with different and strong opinions. Care to Know planning offers the compassion and support necessary to address all of these nuances in advance, so that family relationships aren’t fragmented by misunderstanding. It allows the elder generation’s familial footprint – the manner in which they live in and leave this world – to be an imprint of their greatest clarity and most authentic selves.