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Reviews for Richard Scott Stewart, Esq.


As a geriatric care manager, I often need to refer clients to attorneys with a particular expertise in the areas of elder law and Medi-Cal planning. Mr. Stewart has extensive knowledge of eligibility criteria, asset protection strategies, and issues related to incapacity planning. He was a helpful advocate as my clients navigated their way through the benefits planning process and the transition into care in a long-term care facility. Even more importantly, he has continued to provide help and information beyond the Medi-Cal qualification process, which I greatly value and appreciate.

Benefits planning for disabled elderly couple

I was referred to Mr. Stewart by two elder attorneys in the San Diego area. Mr. Stewart was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable regarding not only the legal aspects of the elderly, but also how the elderly age and what the family may expect in the future. His recommendations regarding asset protection and Medicare enrollment allowed my father to have health care far beyond what we could have provided otherwise. Scott’s detailed estate plan also allowed us to provide personal private care for my father as my father’s health declines. Scott also advised me on what skilled nursing facility would best serve my father’s needs in our area. I have found Scott to be very personable and extremely wise in his consultation with me regarding complicated family estate planning issues. I have personally recommended several people already to Scott as I have received excellent advice from him.

A true advocate for the elderly and their families

Reviews for Joseph J. Strazzeri, Esq.


Joe Strazzeri has guided us through various matters over the course of our relationship and always with the same good humor, creativity, wisdom, and insight to our needs. He has a remarkable way of simplifying the complexity of legal stuff and developing a plan of action that is specific and unique to our situation.

Joe Strazzeri provides the highest caliber service and expertise

Joe and his firm are excellent to work with. They have helped us tremendously in our business and personal lives. Our profits at work are up unbelievably, they have helped reduce my taxes and yet put money away that is asset protected. A great firm to work with!!

Business Counselor

Endorsements for Joseph J. Strazzeri, Esq.

“I am very privilaged to know and learn from Joe. As every lawyer who has had the opportunity to meet and learn from Joe will tell you, he changes you. Not only the way you practice law, but the way you live your life and how you care about those you work and live with. I am not only a better lawyer for knowing Joe, but i am a better husband, father, brother, son, friend, coworker . . . I am a better man, thank you Joe.”

I am very privelaged to know and learn from Joe
William B., Elder Law Attorney in Fullerton, CA

“Joe Strazzeri is an outstanding mentor, teacher, and leader in the estate planning, tax, and asset protection community. He is unselfish in sharing his knowledge, expertise and technical skills to assist others increase their knowledge and expansion of their capabilities. Joe is able to understand complex strategies, make them comprehensible to others, and combine them into a plan that works for the clients. His ability to teach and lead others makes him a special friend who is unique in this capacity. Joe’s grasp of technical and tax matters enables him to help others stay ahead of the curve and anticipate where the future is going in this area of the law. I highly appreciate Joe’s ability to lead the way in designing complex tax, asset protection and estate planning matters. In addition, he is a wonderful friend.”

Joe Strazzeri is an outstanding mentor
Christine W., Estate Planning Attorney in Newport Beach, CA

“I have known Joe for over a decade and he is my go-to referral for anyone in the San Diego area. Joe’s ability to combine technical expertise with unmatched care and compassion truly sets him apart in the estate planning community. Joe not only has the ability to reduce complex legal strategies into plain English (a gift among lawyers!), he also has the ability and desire to listen to and focus on his clients’ goals, needs, concerns and philosophies, converting each into a custom plan for his clients and their families. Joe is a nationally-respected teacher and mentor in the estate planning community, and I hold him in the highest regard as a planner, teacher, colleague and friend. In many respects, Joe sets the standard for other attorneys to follow.”

I have known Joe for over a decade
Eden B., Estate Planning Attorney in Salem, OR

“I’ve known Joe for several years, and I give him my highest possible endorsement. Joe has a thorough grasp of the law, and he balances that technical skill with a common sense understanding of what needs to be done to solve the problems in a case – whether those problems are legal, personal, or practical. Joe’s concern for his clients and their desires is unmatched. He is a master team-builder and knows how to determine a client’s needs, assemble a team to meet those needs, and then direct the team through to a successful conclusion. I would recommend Joe Strazzeri without hesitation.”

I’ve known Joe for several years
David H., Estate Planning Attorney in Placentia, CA

“Joe is the type of attorney that one strives to emulate in his/her career. Whether he is assisting his clients or mentoring other attorneys, Joe’s vast knowledge of the law and creative solutions are paramount. I have had the fortunate opportunity to seek Joe’s legal advice and would not hesitate when referring a client to seek his expertise.”

Joe is the type of attorney that one strives to emulate
Marty O., Estate Planning Attorney in Casper, WY

Endorsements for Stephen J. Mancini


“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have known Steve for nearly five years. In that time, he has proven himself to be one of the best lawyers I know. In fact, many of the best estate planners in the country owe an awful lot to Steve. He is a master at taming complexity and coordinating a team of professionals to achieve the best results for his clients. There are few lawyers in this world who I would say are capable of doing any level of estate plan, regardless of the size or complexity. But, Steve is one of them. And, best of all, he is one of the most humble and genuinely nicest people I know.”

I endorse this lawyer’s work
David H., Estate Planning Attorney in Placentia, CA

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have known Stephen for several years now through our affiliation with the Southern California Institute. I have found Stephen to be technically superior on advanced legal strategies. In addition, he has developed a unique collaborative process to achieve his clients goals. Stephen is a wonderful educator and spends a great deal of his time teaching attorneys, cpa’s, insurance professionals and financial advisors on both technical and practical estate planning topics. I have had the privilege of teaching with Stephen and he is a consummate professional. I highly recommend Stephen.”

I endorse this lawyer’s work
Marc S., Estate Planning Attorney in New York, NY

“I am extremely grateful for all the professionalism of Steve Mancini. I have known Steve for more than a decade, During that time, I have been impressed with all the teaching and mentoring that Steve has shared with other professionals in national organizations involved in tax, estate planning and business planning. Steve has shared comprehensive technical knowledge with industry leaders in the fields of investment, life insurance, as well as cpas and attorneys. He is untiring in his ability to organize complex materials and explain it in a rational manner to others. Steve is also sharing in his community, and presents himself as a very nice and caring person. It is my pleasure to give Steve the highest endorsement.”

I am extremely grateful for all the professionalism
Christine W., Estate Planning Attorney in Newport Beach, CA

“As a member of the Laureate in Wealth Strategies program that Stephen co-founded. I have had a great opportunity to learn from Stephen. A formal Naval Officer, he had my respect right away. Stephen is not only a phenomenal lawyer with deep technical knowledge, but he is someone who truly cares about his clients and how the planning affects their family.”

As a member of the Laureate in Wealth Strategies
William B., Elder Law Attorney in Fullerton, CA

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