Healthcare Professionals

We often include other healthcare professionals as part of your team, throughout both the planning and implementation phases. These healthcare professionals bring a unique perspective to your individual situation and can provide valuable insight to making sure that you get the outcome you desire.

Such professionals may include: In-Home Care Providers, Geriatric Care Managers, Social Workers, Private Fiduciaries, and Caregivers. These Healthcare Professionals are essential to ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled. Whether your wish is to remain home with assistance or to move into a care facility, our desire is to help you achieve your long-term care goals.

Additionally, these professionals frequently can help resolve inter-family conflict, assess what amount and types of care is appropriate, and provide perspective on the trajectory of the ailment. In short, these professionals can make a difficult situation more manageable. After all, dealing with a long-term, disabling condition can be very complicated.

To explore how partnering with us may be right for you, just give us a call at 858-200-1925. Where appropriate, we will schedule an Introductory Visit to gain a first blush understanding of your practice, make possible recommendations, and/or identify opportunities.