FamilyCare™ Maintenance Programs

To help you make sure you and your plan are current, California Estate and Elder Law, LLP offers its FamilyCare™ Maintenance Programs

Proper planning is not just plug and play.  They must allow for a myriad of changes;

  • Family;
  • Personal;
  • Financial;
  • Evolving techniques;
  • Evolving experience of advisors; and Laws, especially Tax and Asset Protection.

Given the continuous process of change, your planning will not accomplish its purpose, if it is not maintained.  The costs of failing to update are typically far greater than keeping your plan current. However, it is hard to know when to make changes and what changes to make.  We are bombarded with sound bites from the media that are often misleading. With all this static, it is hard to sort out what affects your family and your plan.

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