Disability and Elder Law Planning

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Most of the families we meet aren’t aware that Elder Care Planning is an entire professional discipline; one that’s highly technical and widely misunderstood. We have a dedicated practice area for Elder Care Planning and have painstakingly built an entire planning model that allows you to pay for care by understanding your options instead of decimating your family’s resources.
While society has taught us that these benefits are only available to the poor, or that they represent substandard levels of care, in reality, these programs were designed to deliver quality care to the middle and upper middle class. And, you’ve likely been paying into many of these programs your whole life. Why not explore your opportunities for deriving some of the rewards?

In Elder Law Planning, our firm can help determine the kinds of planning necessary for you and your family in order to meet your long term healthcare needs.

Our process will guide you through the Disability and Elder Law Planning:

Initial Contact

  • Gain basic understanding of your unique situation;
  • Gain basic understanding of your unique concerns;
  • Provide an explanation of our planning process and outline of the steps involved; and
  • Set up an Initial Visit appointment to meet with our team to discuss your situation in greater detail

Our Client Relations Coordinator will email and mail to you our Confidential Personal Information Packet. This Packet Includes the:

  • Date and time of our meeting;
  • Directions to the office;
  • Document Checklist; and
  • Confidential Personal Information Booklet

The Prospective Client will:

  • Collect the documents requested on the Document Checklist;
  • Complete the Confidential Personal Information Booklet; and
  • Bring the documents and completed booklet to the scheduled appointment.

Review and Initial Visit

 During the initial one hour meeting, you will meet with our attorney.  They attorney will discuss your situation and the information you provided in the Confidential Personal Information Booklet.  Additionally, the attorney will review and evaluate:

  • Your individual goals and family values;
  • Your current estate plan;
  • Your current family situation;
  • Any new or changed circumstances;
  • And create a preliminary plan to address your concerns;
  • The eligibility rules for various government programs including Medi-Cal and VA Aid & Attendance;
  • The application of those rules to your unique situation;
  • Available options;
  • The time frames, costs, and additional documents needed to complete your plan;
  • Set a Gathering meeting date; and
  • The list of documents required for your application for benefits.


The Gathering appointment will allow us to:

  • Collect and review the list of documents required for your application for benefits as identified during the Initial Visit appointment;
  • Identify any additional information that might be needed for the application for benefits; and
  • Set a date and time for the Presenting the Plan meeting.


Review and Evaluation

During this internal meeting, our Eligibility Team will meet to:

  • Review and evaluate all the information collected;
  • Create a Plan Spreadsheet;
  • Review and discuss various options for future maintenance and financial management;
  • Determine what decisions the prospective client will need to make; and
  • Formulate a plan to allow the clients’ possible goals to be met.


Presenting the Plan

During this meeting, the Eligibility Team will discuss the following with you:

  • Review the information made available;
  • Review the decisions made to date;
  • Recommended plan choices;
  • Your selection of the appropriate plan choices;
  • Review various options for future maintenance and financial management; and
  • Explain the steps necessary to proceed.



The Implementation of a comprehensive plan to achieve eligibility for help with Long-Term Care costs can be rather complicated and may require multiple meetings before this stage is completed. During these meetings, your Eligibility Team will discuss:

  • The specific elements of your eligibility plan;
  • Assistance with the implementation of your eligibility plan;
  • Any applicable transfer documents will also be presented to you to be signed; and
  • Continuous monitoring of your eligibility threshold will occur

Your Eligibility Team will:

  • Prepare the Application for Benefits for your signature;
  • File your Application;
  • Monitor the approval status of the Application; and
  • Meet with you once an approval status is reached to discuss the re-determination to maintain the benefits.

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